About Us

Paraphrasing Marylin Monroe, she once said - Give your kids the right clothes, and they can conquer the world.


Staying true to Marylin's words, we present to you 'Style Creche' - a one-stop luxury designer store exclusively for newborns to tweens, housing an elaborate line-up of clothing, accessories, bags, shoes and everything in between, to keep your child stylish, and keep you carefree and confident for their next big bash!


Among the carefully curated lineup of designers showcasing at Style Creche would be - Kidology, Mal - the store, Pooja Wang, Janya's Closet, Ek Karkhana, Mimosa, Mignon, Little Stars, Nee N Oink, Li'l Poppets, Mine, Button Masala, MooBaa, Mi Dulce An'ya, Piggytoes, Rohan Arora, ShowSha, Vasundhara Mantri, Fooljhadi, all working meticulously at making your child dress in the finest tuxedos, stunning gowns and prepossessing lehengas, and the shoes and accessories to go with them.


Let us do to your kid what spring does with the cherry trees. Get ready to admit your child to Style Creche !

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